Putting a travel brand on the ski map for Sunweb

Sunweb Ski is well-known in Europe, but in the UK… less so. Our mission is to position the brand as the ‘go-to-ski operator for young adults and families’. 

To drive Sunweb’s presence online and on social media in the UK, we recommended a smart PR-for-SEO approach that would give us that much UK needed presence. We had three simple parts to our strategy:

1. We developed creative PR-for-SEO stories that provided UK based links to the Sunweb website to start boosting presence on Google.

2. To tackle brand awareness, we ran a series of influencer and press trips with influencers and journalists relevant to our key target audience, some who were regular pros, and others who were first-time skiers to show Sunweb’s suitability for any (wannabe) snow bunnies.

3. We also ran a reactive press office where we could efficiently roll out expert commentary and data at any given moment to jump on the news agenda and insert Sunweb into relevant conversations. 

And the results…

- We generated over 25k engagements on our influencers’ social content directly driving to Sunweb’s Instagram page

- 50 pieces of media coverage in a two-month period

- Over-delivered on our target of increasing UK pax by 116%

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