‘Not the last supper’ for Mindful Chef

Whilst the Pandemic was memorable for all the wrong reasons, one of the few positives to come from lockdown was the significant increase in families dining together.

Meal-box brand Mindful Chef wanted to ensure family mealtimes weren’t forgotten when ‘Freedom Day’ arrived, so we took a regular household family dinner… and put it on display, creating a piece of art which we called ‘NOT the last supper’ (get it?)

Content from our exhibit, which appeared at London’s Estorick Museum, was distributed to media along with research into the importance of family mealtimes on Freedom Day itself, all in a bid to keep the family mealtime alive and not leave it for posterity.

In the week following Freedom Day, coverage landed in seven nationals including the likes of Metro, iNewsThe Sun and Mirror and helped to cement Mindful Chef as the leading family recipe box brand.

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