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The world was a scary place back in March 2020. But amid all the worrying news, there were also reasons to find hope.

At Ready10, we were inspired by the businesses and individuals going to great lengths to support the fight against COVID-19. From Ferrari's ventilator pledge, to JustPark's efforts to find free parking for NHS staff, there was no shortage of altruistic ingenuity that demonstrated the very best of humanity.

And one thing we learnt from the JustPark campaign was that during this time, we all had the ability to do good – from our own team to our own immediate and wider communities. And we wanted to do more.



As a PR company, we didn't have the expertise or skills to initiate such measures, but we could make sure that people doing good things were championed and supported through PR. So that's what we did. As a team, we pledged from the start of the pandemic, that if we could help, we would.

We did just that. From supporting small businesses who'd closed their stores with Trouva, to shouting about unpaid carers in the UK for Mobilise and asking all of our celeb mates to post about NHS Charities Together Quentin Blake mugs, we made an impact. We were on hand to help those who needed it most. Whether it was content, media outreach, influencer engagement or social strategy, we stood by and supported. 

We're still willing to do our bit. If you think that you're working for a good cause and alleviating the impact of the pandemic, give us a call. Even though the future is looking brighter, we know there's still more work to be done. Drop us an email at We're Ready10 and we're Ready To Help.