The world is a scary place at the moment. But amid all the worrying news, there have also been reasons to find hope.

At Ready10, we have been inspired by the businesses and individuals going to great lengths to support the fight against COVID-19. From Ferrari's ventilator pledge, to JustPark's efforts to find free parking for NHS staff (read more below), there has been no shortage of altruistic ingenuity that demonstrates the very best of humanity.

And one thing we learnt from the JustPark campaign is the ability for us all to do some good and help all of us out – from our own team to our own immediate and wider communities. And we want to do more.



As a PR company, we don't have the expertise or skills to initiate such measures, but we can make sure that everyone knows about them. So that's what we're going to do. As a team, we have pledged from the start of the pandemic that if we can help, we will. 

So, if your brand has a campaign, initiative or idea that will help arm us in this fight against a global pandemic, we'll be on hand to help you. Whether it's video content, a media outreach plan, influencer engagement, social media strategy, or even just a second pair of eyes, we’re here.

This isn’t about fees or extra revenue for us. We just want to do our bit. If you think we can support you, give us a call or email

We're Ready10 and we're Ready To Help.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, increased demand for parking near hospitals has not only added more pressure to the already burdened NHS staff, it is also impacting patients travelling to receive much-needed healthcare.

Hospitals are crying out for help to support their staff who are working round the clock to care for the British public – and that’s where JustPark came in. The parking app, which allows users to list their driveway or unused parking space for others to use and pay for by booking in advance, launched a public appeal to encourage those living near a hospital to list their space for free on a dedicated appeal page. JustPark is not levying any fees from space holders or drivers.

We were enlisted to help spread the message through a solid press office (or multiple offices considering we are all now working from home!) Working with JustPark to set up logistics and write our press materials, the story was turned around in a matter of hours and appeared via broadcast on Good Morning Britain, on the radio across LBC and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, as well as online on MailOnline,, the Guardian Coronavirus Live Blog, Express and Stylist, as well as blanket coverage across Reach PLC’s regional network, among others. So far we have generated 69 pieces of coverage, and that’s in addition to the likes of Lord Alan Sugar, Jonathan Ross and QPR Football Club all spreading the news on social too.

More importantly, over 4,000 parking spaces have been listed for free at more than 280 hospitals since launching, with 800 health workers benefitting over the last week. This was a not for profit campaign.