Paddy Power wants to be at the heart of football fan conversation with cheeky activations and reactive moments that reflect what the football fan is thinking. ​

 After owning Newcastle United for 14 years, Mike Ashley was selling up to a Saudi consortium. But, there were no tears shed, and fans were happy to say goodbye to a man locally considered, well, a bit of a “mug”. ​

 Ashley also owns Sports Direct – known for its ridiculous, oversized, almost comical mugs. So, what better way for us to wave him off than with a ‘Goodbye Mug’​ of his own. One which even the sports retailer would consider excessively large.

 We toured the 4m high creation around Newcastle, gave away 200 replicas at the city centre Paddy Power store and supported the activation through the line, achieving 96% positive sentiment, 30,000 social interactions, 750,000 organic impressions and five nationals.

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