McDonald’s: Pre-Nug Agreement


Sharing Chicken McNuggets is the ultimate act of love and commitment.For the first time ever, we made that commitment official, with the “Pre-Nug Agreement”, a unique contract designed to bind friends and their McNuggets together, forever. To launch “Pre-Nug”, we teamed up with Love Island besties Millie Court and Chloe Burrows and Millie’s boyfriend Liam Reardon, creating teaser content which sparked rumours Millie was signing a pre NUP agreement and about to wed her long-term love, Liam.When we revealed that Millie had in fact signed a Pre-Nug Agreement with her long-term bestie, Chloe Burrows, we immediately created a newsworthy moment which sent the press wild, delivered widespread media and social coverage and even landed the holy grail: a 19% increase in sales of Chicken McNuggets.


Chicken McNuggets are an iconic product, but despite being a favourite of many, there was one audience who simply didn’t have the same love or affinity as the others for the humble nugg – Gen Z. Social listening carried out at the start of the campaign development showed that of all the ex-Love Island contestants, it was Millie and Chloe who still resonated with the Gen Z audience, and they had huge engagement among our core 18-24 demographic. We also knew there had been widespread rumours in the media about Millie and her boyfriend Liam getting engaged, so we chose to hoodwink the media and consumers into believing that they were finally tying the knot, when in fact, Millie was signing a Pre-Nug Agreement with her best mate.


19% increase in sales of Chicken McNuggets

2.1M+ overall social reach

90k valued social engagements

343 pieces of earned coverage

98% of coverage contained details of the McNugget offer